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Q: Is Sally / Abi / Johnnie G single?
A: No
Q: When are you playing again?
A: Have a look on the Gigs page. If you send an email to the Rev Phil - - he will personally let you know when the gigs are coming up.
John The Guitar Player  Soul Destroyers

Q: What sort of stuff do you play?
A: Ah, Not as daft a question as it sounds. The band name does misslead people sometimes. Well we are not a punk band,  the Soul Destroyers Jazz Quintet from London,  nor do we destroy Soul music (well not intentionally anyway).

At any one gig you will hear 90 minutes of non-stop Soul-based music. Venerable classics such as Mustang Sally will sit cheek by jowl with tunes from diverse sources drawn from the last 50 years of great music. The one core value is that they will be world class songs that work well with our line up.

Don't be surprised if you go home humming Sweet Soul Music, Move On Up, Car Wash or even Delilah (Tom Jones! Soul Brother number 2!).

Checkout the reviews - the Evening Post reckons we're Bristols best party band :)

Wilks Drummer Soul Destroyers  

Q: Will you play my Wedding Reception?
A: We don't usually play wedding receptions. It's not an absolute "no" but you need to see us first. There are 14 people in the band, we use a large PA system and need a big stage just to get everyone on. We also charge quite a lot (but then we do put on a heck of a show !). If that sounds like your sort of thing get in touch for a chat. If not then please talk to the Wedding Bands on our Friends page and tell them we sent you. :-)

Q: Will you play my festival / fundraiser / company Christmas gig?
A: Yes, contact us and have a chat. We can often help with charity fund-raising - get in touch !

Q: Will you play my gig in... Azerbaijan/London/Lerwick ?
A: Yes, depending on the gig, we'll play pretty much anywhere - and we're always looking for a fun "away-day", so definitely worth having a chat or dropping us a line.

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