soul destroyers party band Leftside graphic
The Soul Destroyers People
Totty soul destroyers party band
Fabbi Abi
Vox, Tamborine,Vocals,
Youth, Enthusiasm.
Abi Soul Destroyers Singer  fun band

The Reverend Phil Harmonic
Vox, Tambourine,
Precision Percussion, Egging-on, Front

rev Phil Harmonic  Soul Destroyers Singer  fun band bristol cheltenham gloucester
Miss Sally Vate
Vox and stuff
Currently on Maternity Leave.
Blame Dave!
Sally Vate Soul Destroyers  party band somerset

Shaker Style
Clinical Excellence and Pompom shaking

Sian Eustace, Soul Destroyers Fun singer soul band
Horns soul destroyers party band
Dancin' Doll
S'Trumpet, innit
Corrie trumpet horn section soul destroyers

Big Man
Tenor Saxophone

Bristol Soul Destroyers  band Alto Sax Liz

Iron lips
Trumpet, porkpie

Yep, Another Big Man !
Baritone Saxophone
Soul Destroyers Colin the Baritone
Wilks trumpet Soul Destroyers  party band
Carin' Sharin'
Trombone, Trumpet
Alan H
The Music Machine
Tenor Sax plus Musical Director, Vocal Arrangements,
Also plays Keyboards, Guitar, Electronic drums,
Laptop and anything that can possibly make a tune
Alan Hetherington tenor sax soul blues pop let me entertain you
Soul Destroyers Stu's trombone Eyes . not rico trombone
Soul Destroyers gloucester party band
John G
Rock Star
Gee-tar, Wah-wah
Fags & Booze
Soul Destroyers gloucester party band ohnG's Eyes Rich
The Bottom
Bass, The Final Front Ear
Soul Destroyers Rich bass fun band
Jon Moo II
Wayne Kerachi
Keyboards, Trumpet
(Powered by Kerry)
Soul Destroyers Bristol  party bandWayne's Eyes

Hirsute But Cool
Mummy-Daddy Parradiddles and Rim shots

Soul Destroyers Maff drummer party band
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