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Quote:  It was difficult to know who was enjoying it most, the audience or the band

Fiddlers, Bristol
"From the moment the 13-piece big band hit the stage to the introduction to Shaft and launched into Let Me Entertain You swiftly followed by The Supremes' Stop In The Name Of Love, it was a romp through every classic song you've ever known and loved. They used enough energy to drain the national grid and played with such enthusiasm and such skilful musicianship that even the most worn-out standard was given a new lease of life.
A stream of soul, rock, pop, funk and Motown classics just tumbled from the stage, with rarely a gap between them for the band or the audience to draw breath.
There was Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Tom Jones, James Brown, Otis Redding, Robbie Williams, The Temptations and even The Spice Girls.
So Frankie's Two Tribes merged into Edwin Starr's War, and then his 25 Miles before seamlessly becoming a really great version of Papa Was A Rolling Stone."

  John griham  scorching lead guitar

Fleece, Bristol
"Lead singer The Reverend Phil Harmonic has a big powerful voice that matches his on-stage charisma, while the two girl singers, Sally Vate and Fabbi Abi, exude a raunchy sexiness.
The Soul Destroyers played and sang and danced.
The packed audience sang and danced with them. Even the hard-pressed bar staff found time to bop and sing along to a chorus or two.
It was snowing outside, but inside Fiddlers was very hot and very sweaty. The Soul Destroyers just have to be the best party band around."
Keith Clark, Bristol Evening Post

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The Fleece and Firkin, Bristol
"Damn fine; I mean, really. When the main event arrived on stage, it was massive - horns blaring,
smiles on full beam and a fat set of funk, soul and
disco classics. Huge - even the bar staff were
Neil Jacobs. Adhoc Magazine

Gloucester Guildhall Tsunami benefit
"The Soul Destroyers are the south west's brightest, tightest, funkiest party band, a monster 13-piece groove machine who mix up soul, pop, Motown, rock and disco hits for the ultimate night out. They’re a big name on the live scene these days, and their on-stage charisma coupled with genuinely stunning renditions of the very best songs makes for the biggest night out you’re likely to have all year!
Andy Stead - Gloucester Guildhall Arts Centre

The Fleece and Firkin, Bristol
EVERY gig with the Soul Destroyers is party time, but at a crammed Fleece and Firkin on Saturday the mood was particularly infectious. Indeed it was difficult to know who was enjoying it most, the audience or the band. Lead singer, the charismatic Phil Harmonic, was in really energetic form, as indeed was every one of the 13 people, singers and musicians, packed on to the small Fleece stage. They rocked their way through a fast-running set of non-stop soul standards - Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Aretha Franklin etc - driven by a seven-piece horn section who danced, ducked, dived, sang along and even partially stripped for Leave Your Hat On. The Soul Destroyers are back!
Keith Clark, Bristol Evening Post

The Gloucester Guildhall
If you want to know how good a Soul Destroyers show is just ask any of the 360 people who danced, sang and clapped themselves stupid at the band's last sell-out show at the Guildhall. The
Soul Destroyers have an arsenal of secret weapons; a bellowing, charismatic lead singer-cum- stand-up comic, female backing singers who behave like devils and sing like angels, a rock-solid
rhythm section and a 7-piece horn section that packs more brass than Lilly Savage. Think Wilson
Picket, Otis, Aretha and Marvin all jamming under the influence of laughing gas and you have a
guaranteed floor-filler. More than just a live concert, this is a soul sensation!
Andy Stead - Gloucester Guildhall Arts Centre


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